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The Korint revolution

Real time policy management

Quotes, MTAs (including deferred and retroactive effect), renewal. All your policy management, online, in real time.

Total transparency

We recalculate the payment schedule in real time. No more end-of-year reconciliations.

Easy launches

Our engine effortlessly handles all scenarios, making new products easy to launch.

Operational Efficiency

Fast and effective policy management to improve your processes. Focus your teams on things that matter.

Superior data

Our unique technology generates exceptional data quality, to refine risk selection and pricing, and optimize S/P.

Control and flexibility

Our open architecture allows you to use our packaged modules (payment, billing, user frontend) or to use your own services.

The flexibility of a tech MGA to make your lanches easy

We offer 3 partnership models to meet your needs


Our tech platform available to your IT and Product teams

co-brokering partnership

Our broker company can support your product launches

Fully packaged products

Sell products created by Korint - 0 cost, 0 risk, 0 delay

Korint: helping you improve your Combined Ratio

All policy management, in real time

Quote in 5 minutes, addendums online, all management acts online, for a radical optimization of management times.

A unique data quality

A technology that tracks all policy events to improve management, pricing, and risk selection.

A clear, simple and transparent customer journey

An admin panel to provide the best service seamlessly, and enhance acquisition and retention.

Native multi-products

Build a suite of products on our platform designed for cross-selling

Korint: Experts in mobility insurance for businesses

A unique technology to easily deploy your B2B mobility insurance products.

Bicycle fleets

Motor fleet

Employee Bike

employee carsharing

Electric scooters

Car rental excess waiver

theft and vandalism

ticket cancellation

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